The Body, Mind and Spirit Transformation

1 Module 1 Lesson Easy

About this course

Not Your Usual Weight Loss Program!

Suitable for People with Food Allergies or other Health Issues

This program gives you:

  • Mealplans, Recipes, Shopping Lists and Fast-Start Preparation Guides
  • Information and Education about Weight Loss Essentials, Hormones, Gut Health, Skin care, Inflammation, Food Sensitivity and More
  • Daily Inspirational Emails, Daily Affirmations, Practical and Actionable Tips for Better Health and Life
  • Webinar: The 3 W's and what they mean for you to help you discover who you really are and how to live your life with purpose and passion
  • Videos, Worksheets, Info-sheets and Additional Materials
  • Special Weight Loss Hypnosis .mp3
  • DocChristine's book (.pdf)  "Eating for Vibrant Health and Explosive Energy"
  • Fast email support and technical support

Course Structure