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The Body, Mind and Spirit Transformation - A Different Weight Loss Course

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About this course

Lose Fat, Get Fit and Have Fun 

Be Fabulous Forever... Finally!

This is Not Your Usual Weight Loss Program!

Safe Weight Loss for People with Health Issues like Food Allergies, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Issues, High Cholesterol and more...

This program gives you:

  • Weekly group coaching sessions to keep you accountable, answer questions so you stay on track
  • Mealplans, Recipes, Shopping Lists and Fast-Start Preparation Guides
  • Information and Education about Weight Loss Essentials, Hormones, Gut Health, Skincare, Inflammation, Food Sensitivity and More
  • Daily Inspirational Emails, Daily Affirmations, Practical and Actionable Tips for Better Health and Life
  • The 3 W's and what they mean for you to help you discover who you really are and how to live your life with purpose and passion
  • Videos, Worksheets, Info-sheets and Additional Materials
  • Special Weight Loss Hypnosis .mp3's
  • DocChristine's book (.pdf)  "Eating for Vibrant Health and Explosive Energy"
  • DocChristine's book (.pdf) "The F-Word Diet"
  • Fast email support and technical support
  • And more... The course and program are still being developed to make them better!

Course Structure

2 Lessons

Module 1 - About This Course

Welcome to Your Body, Mind and Spirit Transformation (BMST)!

If you purchased the Bundle, you will also get Group coaching sessions to enhance your success. (If not, you can still purchase the upgrade by clicking HERE now)

How to Get Started:

Please watch the video instructions in the next lesson where we explain how to navigate this course.

Please also download our FAQ sheet to help you with upcoming questions so you know how to access our amazing support!

We are looking forward to assisting you to become your best self while releasing weight you no longer need!

Dr. Christine Sauer and Michael Stack

Mental Health and Weight Loss "Thrivers"



Consider Group Coaching Sessions

Why You May Want to Add Group Coaching Sessions

Group coaching is highly recommended for anyone with food allergies, sensitivities, food intolerances or pre-existing health conditions (please also see Disclaimer) as well as an accountability, motivational and support tool.

Group Coaching is also for anyone who

  • tends to need extra support 
  • needs some individual attention 
  • looks for accountability  
  • looks for motivation
  • lacks the consistent discipline to actually do the work required  
  • tried losing weight before - and gained it back
  • enjoys the group experience and likes to help others by what they learned  (don't we all learn continually...)  

What Group Coaching Is:

  • It is a confidential meeting 
  • The sessions are conveniently online, on my secure, encrypted video-conferencing platform. The meetings are accessible worldwide on every device (computer, laptop, smart phone) and can even be attended by calling in from a "regular" phone (audio only).
  • The meetings are recorded so participants who cannot attend a live meeting can watch the replay.
  • We limit enrollment.
  • Please enroll early so you reserve your seat in the next groups and can take full advantage of the course and all bonuses!

The group coaching sessions give you the opportunity to personally benefit from the combined experience of the coaches and all other group participants.

You get accountability, support, and a firm "pep-talk" if that's what you need, or a soft place to fall at your times of need of extra support.

The group coaching sessions are structured, weekly sessions. You can participate - and watch all the replays -  as long as you are enrolled in the monthly group coaching program.

The sessions will support you in

  • learning to cook real food or exploring new foods,
  • answer all your questions regarding cooking skills and basics of nutrition.
  • We will explore together different meal planning as well as meal tracking software apps as well as
  • help you with applying your new knowledge and resources to start changing your appetite, palate and even metabolism.
  • find the answers to your 3 W's - essential for weight loss (and general transformation) success
  • explore optional intermittent fasting and low-carb or other diet options as it applies to you
  • explore and practice mindfulness,  
  • explore hypnotherapy and havening for weight loss
  • talk about gut health,
  • and help you to start to exercise and move more.
  • we will also deep-dive in other possible root-causes of why we can't lose weight - and what we can do about it! 

The groups are also a monthly low-cost option to keep you on track, hold you accountable, pick you up when you stumble and answer all upcoming questions.


Option: Access transformational individual coaching services for a special rate! 

We don't let you hanging! At DocChristine, our support does not need to end with the BMST course and program.

Book your FREE Get-Together Session to talk about what is going on in your life and how working with DocChristine Coaching could help you reach your health goals and optimize your quality of life!


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2.1 How to Find Your Course Emails 1 Lesson

Email Whitelisting

Email Whitelisting means the process of telling your email program that you want to receive certain emails and not to place them in the Spam or Junk folders. Learn in this lesson how to do that for your provider!

2.3 The Mealgarden App 3 Lessons

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3.1 Book Download 1 Lesson

Download Dr. Christine’s e-book

"Eating for Vibrant Health and Explosive Energy"

Free e-book download

Premium Course
3 Chapters

Module 4 - Week 1

What you need in the kitchen - How to choose a meal plan - How to get started right on your chosen diet

With necessary basic downloadable forms and journal - and the first Hypnotherapy .mp3 for download!!!

4.1 Kitchen and Cooking Basics 2 Lessons

Basic Kitchen Gadgets

What you really need to cook great meals!

With checklist!

Pantry Staples

What should be in your pantry, fridge and/or freezer so you can cook a great meal on the fly! - With Checklist!

4.2 How to Choose Your Meal Plan 1 Lesson

4.3 How to Get Started Right on Your Chosen Diet 3 Lessons