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Turn-Around-Assessment and 4 Individual Coaching Sessions

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This gives you access to your link to schedule your 4 individual coaching sessions as well as the questionnaires.

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Welcome to Individual Coaching with Dr. Christine 12 Lessons

What will I experience?

Each session is 50 min long.

We will talk about yur challenges, what you tried so far to help yourself

What worked, what didn't work,

Your challenges in the 5 circles of life:

  • the physical/biological circle
  • the social circle/relationships
  • the emotional/mental/psychological circle
  • the spiritual circle/purpose/passion/goals
  • the financial circle

We will together evaluate these areas.

DocChristine will help you to achieve clarity about what is going on, where you are stuck and about how to get out of the rut, unstuck, and back into living your best life.

DocChristine will give you tools to help as well as strategies and actionable information to help move you forward towards your goals.

Your Questionnaires

Before your first session, it is beneficial to fill out the following online questionnaires.

It is optional, but recommended to make your coaching experience even better.

They are all 100% privacy-certified, encrypted and fully HIPPA - compliant.

Fill out each one - one at a time - in the order provided.



For All: Your Quality of Life Questionnaire

Click the link below to access, then fill out and don't forget to click "submit" when done! Thanks!

For All: Your Turn-Around-Questionnaires

This set of 4 Questionnaires assesses all aspects of your life and physical, mental, spiritual, social as well as finincial health.

Fill out one part after the other until done. Thanks!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: