Free "Virtual Cup of Coffee or Tea" with Dr. Christine Sauer for potential clients and/or partners

People who know me know that I like a cup of coffee ☕ in the morning, and some green tea or herbal tea for the rest of the day. 

This is why I want to invite you to connect with me in my "virtual" kitchen over a friendly, informal "cup of coffee or tea" - or ther drink of your choice...

The purpose of this event is to get to know each other and talk about your situation, what I can do for you and if we may be a good fit to work together in some way.

Attire: Pyjama welcome! 😀

I am looking forward to meeting you! 💞

Dr. Christine Sauer

These Appointments are all FREE. 

Estimated time is 30 min each. Please fill out the questions during the booking process. You will be able to invite a guest to join you before the booking is complete. 

Whether you are thinking about maybe becoming a client, have questions before you buy (or afterwards) or about certain tests, this is the right appointment for you!

If you want to talk about becoming a partner in a Joint Venture or Strategic Alliance (or already are a partner and have questions, please book this appointment!

Want to talk on our video show and podcast "Your Quality of Life - Healthy Alternative" about your story, offer helpful tips and showcase what you do? 

Or have a webinar with us?

Apply here!

Are you looking for a moving, inspirational, interesting and sometimes funny keynote, a presentation about one of the topics we offer , or us sharing our story for Your Live Event? Fill out the form here to book us!

Book us for Your Podcast, Show, Webinar or Summit!

This is for all Online Appearances!

Have a product or service that you think would benefit our business or our community? This appointment is for you!

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