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With over 40 years of experience in the healthcare, brain, and mental health and coaching area, and even more life experiences, Dr. Christine is an engaging, inspirational, motivational speaker for your next corporate or non-profit event, seminar, webinar, Lunch'n learn, or course. Watch a few of her previous media and speaking engagements below.

Engage, Inspire, and Entertain your audience while educating them about how to optimize brain health and mental health for high performance at work and in life and implementing and training better communication strategies.

Increase productivity, Employee Satisfaction and reduce sick time and employee turnover by helping your employees to understand the value of improved nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle options.

Optimize the mental health of your workforce by implementing effective and easy-to-do stress management techniques like Havening Techniques, Controlled Breathing Techniques, the Use of Believable Affirmations and Self-Hypnosis as well as Techniques to Change negative thinking to positive energy.

Book Dr. Christine for your Event or Seminar in three simple steps

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Assess and Evaluate

We dive deep with you into possible root causes of your suffering and symptoms, and post-evaluation, we create a holistic brain health and mental health strategy to address all the underlying root causes that challenge your happiness and resilience, one by one in a systematic manner.


Intervene and Coach

We help you to implement the best stress relief methods by inspiring, encouraging, and empowering you to achieve the lasting change in all 5 dimensions of brain health and mental health that feels hard at first, but when addressed properly and with care, comes about nearly effortlessly.


Motivate and Mentor

We are here when you need us, even after your full recovery. With our elite group of stress management life coaches and holistic brain health and mental health coaching programs, we are here to mentor you, lift you up, and empower you to co-create a better, happier, more purposeful and meaningful journey through your life.

Improve Your Workplace and Employee Wellness and Health in 3 Simple Steps

Employees rate their job satisfaction not just by their salary, but by the way their managers and employers as well as their co-workers and environments make them feel.

Transform Your Work Culture with These Easy Wellness Strategies

Individual Coaching

Lunch’n Learns



Engaging, Inspirational, Informative, Entertaining, Motivating, Fun!

Benefits of DocChristine’s programs

Speaking Engagements

Inspire, Entertain and Educate!

Lunch’n Learn’s

Inspirational, Informative, Engaging, Practical


Engaging and Transformative Fun and Hands-On

Custom - Made Workshops/Seminars

Need something special for your needs? Ask us and we will try to accommodate you!

Individual Coaching

Better Relationships, Better Leadership, Higher Engagement

Group Coaching: Prevent and Overcome Metal Illness

Break FREE from Depression & Anxiety and Start Living Your Best Life!

Mental & Brain Health

Brain-Fit for Work and Life

Relieve Stress and Sleep

Preventing Mental Illness

Lose Weight Safely without Starving

Nutrition/Supplements for Mental & Brain Health

Break Free from Depression & Anxiety

Preventing Memory Loss & Alzheimers Disease

Beat Worries and Start Living

Hello, I am Dr. Christine Sauer@2x

Dr. Christine Sauer also offers shorter Presentations, Keynotes, Lunch’n Learn’s and more…

Courses Facilitated by Dr. Christine Sauer

under License by Dr. Daniel Amen, MD


Help Teams Be Happier, Healthier and More Productive


A Natural Way to Reduce the Risk of Memory Loss and Dementia


We Can Help Win the War for Better Mental and Physical Health


We Can Help Youth Be Happier and More Successful

Courses Facilitated by Dr. Christine Sauer

under License by Dr. Joseph McClendon III, PhD


Get Tools and Strategies to Re-Boot Your Brain


Get the “Software” to Program Your Life

Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

Certified Brain and Mental Health Coach

Specialty Areas of Dr. Christine

How to Be Happier, Become a Better Leader and a Better Person

Mental Health Issues (Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Stress, Insomnia)

Overcoming Loneliness, Anxiety and Depression

Brain Health Issues (Memory Problems, Early Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury, ADHD, ADD, Autism)

What Our Clients Say…

I am super excited…You must be some kind of miracle worker, because I can’t find any other explanation in the change or my feelings…

Jacquie C.

What I appreciated most about my coach is her vulnerability and openness. She is easy to relate to as she shares her own struggles and imperfections…

Inga S.

What a remarkable woman who has such knowledge. In just one 30 minute consultation I learned so much to improve my health. Looking forward to more…

Dalene A

Financial Consultant

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Whatever you need to educate and inspire your management and employees to achieve greater success at work and in life, contact us for more information and to let us know what you ended. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed quote.

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