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Can Coffee Perk Up Heart Health, Too?

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Researchers found that an inflammatory mechanism was dialed up in certain older adults, but not others. When it was highly activated, people often had high blood pressure and stiff arteries.In the news today research that your cup of coffee in the morning might not only ward off dementia, but also be anti-inflammatory and good to […]


Early Memory Loss Really CAN be Stopped!

memory loss be prevented

Early Memory Loss Really CAN be Stopped! Many people suffer from memory loss, but that doesn’t mean that you have Dementia or even Alzheimer’s. Some memory lapses due to stress or lack of sleep happen to everyone. But if the brain chemistry gets seriously disturbed, and Amyloid plaques (abnormal protein clumps) poison the nerve cells, […]


Memory Loss: Can it Be Reversed?

memory loss be prevented

Can Memory Loss Be Reversed?   It is well known that the risk to develop Memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease as well as Cancer can be influenced by nutrition.The results of two human trials in 2015 revealed relatively easy methods to protect cognitive function into our advanced years. (1) Diet and Dementia Even modest dietary […]

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