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Should you take Probiotics?

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Should you take Probiotics? Over 2000 years ago, the ancient Greek Philosopher and Physician Hippocrates said:  ”All disease starts in the Gut” and “Let food be thy medicine.” Much of that holds still true today.  We all know that it is best to eat unprocessed foods—especially fruit and vegetables—to improve and maintain our health.


Bone Broth: Why You Should Have It Daily

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Why You Should Have Bone Broth Daily Bone broth daily, if made from healthy, pastured (or at least free-range) chickens or grass-fed beef bones has many benefits. I am listing some of them below. Looking for a good recipe? Here is mine! We all eat too much processed food, and some forms of processing are […]


Memory Loss: Can it Be Reversed?

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Can Memory Loss Be Reversed?   It is well known that the risk to develop Memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease as well as Cancer can be influenced by nutrition.The results of two human trials in 2015 revealed relatively easy methods to protect cognitive function into our advanced years. (1) Diet and Dementia Even modest dietary […]

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