Sage Wynn - Your Weight Loss & Health Coach and Herbalist

Sage is a free spirit (now) and a realist (always). 

She is very committed to helping others use their own inner power of healing by using the beautifully complex energetic systems we were given at birth. 

The human body is not merely a machine that needs part repairs, but a fantastic interconnected energetic system with the power to repair, strengthen, and radically change in a short period of time when given the proper love and care. 

She is skilled as an Herbalist, educated by a 4th generation herbalist from Jamaica. With a broad understanding of Aromatherapy. 

She is also certified in Blood Cell Analysis. Her certification is with Jane Durst-Pulskys, a clinical and Holistic Nutritionist, Author, Educator, and Life Coach out of Canada. But it was the Master Blood Cell Analysis Stephanie Whitley who provided amazing hands-on education. 

Sage is close to completing her Master Iridology license with Master Iridologist, Naturopathic Doctor, and book writer Dr. Sis Sewell. Dr. Sewell has over 40 years of experience and studied directly under the great Dr. Bernard Jenson D.C N.D.

After great mental and physical abuse that initially held her back from accomplishing her goals and dreams, she made it her life mission  to live by Dr. Jensen's words

“Exalt the great within where healing really begins.”

It wasn't until after the abuse in her life took place,  that the true meaning of those words came to be understood. 

Sage knows from experience that your own body has all the power when you start where you really are - instead of where you “THINK” you are or where you “SHOULD” be.

Herbal Product Consultations are a base specialty of Sage. It is of the utmost importance to her to approach her life and others in a way that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness.

Sage recognizes the whole person as being the fundamental law of Holistic Health and Medicine. 

It is very important to Sage to listen and help others to also recognize their whole self in all dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

Sage is a mother of five and in her (sparse) private time, she loves to read, study, cook and go for meditative nature walks.

You will Meet Sage in all our Weight Loss Programs. You can book her for a Free Herbalist Natural Supplement & Health Consultation

On the image below, you can see Sage as her former self - depressed, extra pounds weighing on her body, soul and spirit.

After releasing the weight in all areas of her life by doing the work, getting coached, getting out of her comfort one more than once...

Sage faced the fears and went ahead anyway - a sign of a great mind and a strong will to succeed.

Look at her now. The difference is striking.

Follow in her footsteps and bring out the best in you - through transformational coaching.

It may feel like magic, but it is a combination of skills, art, knowledge, love and deep understanding of human nature.

Book a FREE coaching session today to experience this magic for yourself.