Chinara Crumpton - Parenting Coach

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Chinara worked with children most of her life. But her career choice was more accidental. 

At first she wanted to become an accountant. Then a bright little girl choose her as her mother, and she looked for ways to spend more time with her. 

So she started: First as a mother, then she became a childcare provider, then Chinara studied psychology with a focus on child psychology and became a professional British Nanny.

By now, she has worked for decades as a professional nanny, helping affluent British families raise their children to be responsible and successful adults. All of the children she met have been geniuses in their own way, even if they had challenges like ADHD, cerebral palsy or other "dis-abilities" , and her mission was - and is - to help parents raise their children to be a genius, to bring out the best in them. 

These days, her head is overflowing with all this knowledge and experience -  and that is why she now freely gives and shares all she learned - so that more parents can raise their own children to be geniuses, too.

Listen to Chinara talk about herself -  in her own words:

I worked with children most of my adult life. My career choice was more accidental. 

I was studying and working to be a highly qualified accountant. Then I became the mother of a bright little girl and this made me want to spend more time with her. 

I thought; How can I earn money whilst looking after my own child?” 

So I got registered as a childminder and started bringing my daughter's friends home after school because their parents were still at work.  I loved it because I was with my child as much as I wanted, she had her friends to play with after school - and I got paid and had the means to provide for both of us. 

I always had been interested in psychology, so I enrolled and studied at Open University. 

At first, I just wanted to understand myself, my mother, my child, and our relationships with each other. 

And then, while diving deeper into the studies of psychology, I realized that there was no bottom or limit on knowledge. 

Everything I learned was useful for my work as a professional nanny. 

After some time, I got hired as a governess/head nanny for VIP families to help them raise their children. 

I have now worked for decades as a child-carer. And the whole time I didn’t stop learning and filling my head with all available knowledge about parenting, relationships, and how to raise children to be successful adults.

Studying all that information - and the experience of how well it works when applied in practice - made my head too small to fit and hold it all. 

So now, I have to share it, give it, tell it, so more parents can benefit from all I learned during my life and career.

You may think I didn’t achieve much in life. A mother, a nanny. But you know, you are wrong. Parenting a gifted child and raising it to be a successful and responsible adult is no easy feat - but the joy of raising your child to be a genius is unspeakable.

Here are a few things that I consider achievements in my life so far:

My biggest sense of achievement is that I raised my daughter with the principles I believed in -  and it turned out those principles were right for her to bring out her genius. I can’t say how proud I am of her, but really, I was just lucky that my intuition for parenting did not fail me. 

Another talent that I have is that I love to learn and study and that I usually can get the necessary qualifications for my chosen profession - regardless if I have time or money. 

I also would say that I am personable, have good social skills, and a kind nature. I  consider myself to be genuine and honest. 

I speak 3 Languages fluently: English, Russian, Kyrghyz  

Some of Chinara's Qualifications: 

Related to Parenting and Child Care:

  • Diploma in Child Care/NVQ3
  • Psychology studies with Open University (5 years)
  • Maternity Nurse 
  • Early Year Foundation Stage
  • Certificate in Health and Social Care
  • Child protection – Raising Safeguarding awareness
  • OCN English

Other Qualifications:

  • High National Diploma inn Business and Finance 
  • AAT (Association of Accounting Technician) level 2

Private Hobbies and Interests:

  • Beekeeping (purely to support the environment)
  • Travelling the world 
  • Child psychology