About Chinara Crumpton

Chinara Crumpton is our go-to expert on parenting. Her love and dedication to raising the young generation in a spirit of love and care while establishing firm rules are legendary.

She is a master at turning childhood challenges into opportunities and helping parents raise children to reach their full potential and become the genius that is already in them.

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Chinara Crumpton

Parenting Coach


Chinara is a highly qualified, professional British nanny. She is trilingual and studied early child development and psychology.

Chinara gained decades of experience helping families raise their children and recognize, nurture, develop, and fully bring out the unique and often surprising abilities that lie dormant in every child.

Through her work, she wants more parents to be able to recognize these innate abilities in their child or children and to give parents practical strategies to nurture the unique talents in their own children and love them as they are while helping them to shine and be successful in their chosen area of work and life.

This is true even with challenges like ADHD, neurodevelopmental issues, or other “diversity” - Any child can live fully, as a well-adjusted, happy adult, living in their own “genius zone” and contributing to making this world a better place.

In Chinara's eyes, anyone can be a high performer - a “genius” of a kind


How to Raise Your Child To Be A Genius

Discover The 10 Secrets Every Parent Needs To Know…

THow to Raise Your Child To Be A Genius@2x

Some of Chinara’s Qualifications:

Related to Parenting and Child Care:

Diploma in Child Care/NVQ3

Certificate in Health and Social Care

Psychology studies with Open University (5 years)

Child protection – Raising Safeguarding awareness

Maternity Nurse

OCN English

Early Year Foundation Stage

Other Qualifications:

High National Diploma inn Business and Finance

AAT (Association of Accounting Technician) level 2

Private Hobbies and Interests:

Beekeeping (purely to support the environment)

Travelling the world

Child psychology

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