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I was scared to share tools I’d developed for myself because I was afraid other people would think they were stupid… even though they were PROVEN to work over and over again

Yes,  I was scared to share tools I’d developed for myself because I was afraid other people would think they were stupid... even though they were PROVEN to work over and over again.

So one of the coolest things I do is use cutting-edge brain- and neuroscience (and my own "secret sauce") to create practical and fun exercises, strategies and processes that help people to create and implement their best life by using what has proven to work best for myself and my clients.

Philosophers, religious leaders and many other thinkers have spoken the truth for millennia and I took the best teachings and crystallized action points, strategies and down-to-earth fun worksheets and applied it to our hectic modern life.

It took me a long time to figure out that this was what I am best at.

I always thought that I was destined to share knowledge...Wrong ... again!

I realized one day that all the answers are already there.  People just don't have the time or energy to go through all the materials, books and stuff out there and then figure out how to use it for their own lives.

They resort to asking "Mr. Google" The answers are all there, right? All 3 Million of them (or so).

You end up overwhelmed and frustrated.

After skimming one or two headlines, you give up.

I knew I had to devise a new way to help individuals like you and me to recover their sparkle.

So I looked into how salespeople and marketers (yes, those sleazy ones) help people to buy things they may or may not need. I didn't like some of their ethics, but found a few really good strategies that people can apply - to "sell" to themselves what they know they need to do.  

I started to "sell" good things to myself

So :I started to train my brain to believe...

  • that certain vegetables taste good,
  • that I didn't need a chocolate bar every day
  • that I could say "no" whenever I needed to without feeling guilty  
  • that I could sleep as much as I needed
  • that I could do the exercises I needed to do
  • that I could earn a living with my business in an ethical way
  • that I could do things differently than others

...so basically, I developed strategies and methods how to train my brain to think and feel

  • that I am good enough
  • that I am worthy
  • that I am okay.

And then to use this trained brain to act every day in harmony with  this new state of empowerment.(well, to be honest, it works most days...I am still human, as hubby knows best)  

"This shit really works" -   I said to myself - and then started to share it with others.

"This Shit Really Works!" - I said to myself - and then I started to share it with others. - Dr. Christine Sauer

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 To my utter amazement, it worked for them, too.

  • Lightbulbs went off.
  • Lives changed.
  • Brighter Futures Are Created...

So after I discovered this principle and started sharing it with the first people, I couldn't stop myself anymore.

My husband Mike said: "Slow down!" but I didn't want to.

I even saw my psychiatrist to make sure I wasn't manic... (He said: "No, you are not crazy, you just found your calling and are finally feeling as good as you should feel")

So I built my system. My course. Our Community.

And now, others are joining our quest to Co-Create a Brighter Future - for themselves, for their loved ones, friends, families, and maybe for the world as a whole, too!

But for some reason I was SUPER nervous about other people seeing it.

Could they use it? Could they DO it?

Would they think it was cool? (Or would they think it was complete BS and stupid?)

But, I had to let them try “my baby” out because I knew in my heart it would get them the results they wanted (and needed) faster than doing it the old way.

Long story short, they LOVED it!!

And in that moment I knew I had something cool on my hands.

Because of that I realized I had to STOP seeing myself just as a coach and doctor giving information and recommendations

and I had to reimagine myself as an equal leader of others, a sister among sisters, a human first,

sharing some knowledge and practical information, tips and tricks,

but also giving others the opportunity to share what they learned from their experiences and found valuable.

Someone who leads other people to believe in themselves, while trying to be a role model and brightening the way, sharing love, energy, and all my sparkles.

I’d been doing it all along, but I’d never SEEN myself as doing it.

And, I’ll admit, there were a few sleepless nights and some battles with “imposter syndrome” even though I had PROOF I was on the right path and knew what I was doing.

So many of us are trying to go this alone. Folks, this ain't working! We have to do this work together!

But you wanna know why I really do what I do now?

Because it changes people’s lives!

When I am talking to someone or I get an email from someone that tells me how what they learned with us changed their life.

How they went from sitting on a couch watching TV all day to

  • getting full-time work and buying their own home
  • How their relationships sparkle
  • How they are raising happier kids
  • How they are paying it forward by sharing with others
  • How they discovered THEIR unique talents, meaning and purpose
  • How their happiness was saved

- just by working with me or being in my community for a while.

That’s what keeps me going. To KNOW that I’m making a difference in the world... having an impact that reaches far beyond me!

What a journey, right?...

I’d love to hear from you about this. Are you struggling with making your relationships work? Do you have an awesome idea, but never take action to actually "do the thing"? Did this message inspire you or wake something up inside you? I’d love to know!

Comment below and  I will get this message.

Our journey continues...

"All it Takes is One Sparkle to Ignite Positive Change" - Dr. Christine Sauer

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All it takes is One Sparkle to ignite positive change!

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